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Ms Mazel
Moonstruck's Ms. Mazel
Broken Castor
Sire: Killion Glen's Makin Mischief (castor)
Dam: Moonstruck's Dolly (bkn. black)
DOB: June 2019

Moonstruck's Ms. Mazel is a very nicely typed doe. She has nice rise and depth of body and full loin. She has beautiful castor color and balanced pattern. She has a soft texture to her fur with good density. She is Moonstruck and Judon bloodlines on the dam's side and Killion Glen, Byrds, Little Moon and Epema to name a few on the sires side. There is castor, black, amber, chocolate and lynx in the bloodline but predominately castor and black.
Moonstruck's Lox of Love
Broken Black Otter
Sire: Moonstruck's Sterling (black otter)
Dam: Moonstruck's Jasper (broken black)
DOB: April 2019

Moonstruck's Lox of Love is a beautifully typed doe. She has a nice pattern, color and wonderful texture and density of fur. She has mostly Moonstruck, Snake River and Judon bloodlines. There is black otter and black in her linage.
Moonstruck's Elizabeth Browning
Sire: Killion Glen's Makin Mischief (castor)
Dam: Moonstruck's Klair (castor)
DOB: April 2019

Moonstruck's Elizabeth Browning is a nice doe. She does have a few type faults but she has amazing color and texture to her fur. She has a deep red and wide color band in her castor coat. Elizabeth Browning is Moonstruck, Killion Glen's, Byrd's and Little Moon bloodlines with castor, opal, amber, chocolate and lynx in the bloodlines.
Moonstruck's Bella
Black Otter
Sire: Moonstruck's Sterling (black otter)
Dam: Moonstruck's Jasper (broken black)
DOB: April 2019

Moonstruck's Bella is a compact doe. She has good rise and depth. She has very nice texture and density to her fur. Bella has mostly Moonstruck, Judon and Snake River bloodlines. She has black otter and black in her linage.
Moonstruck's Lady
Black Otter
Sire: Billing's Storm (black otter)
Dam: Holtmeyer's Smooth Operator (bkn. black otter)
DOB: June 2014

Moonstruck's Lady has nice depth of body and good rise to her shoulders. She has good texture and color to her fur. Lady has Holtmeyer, Posey, Moonstruck and Judon bloodlines. She is predominately black otter with a bit of black in her linage.
Moonstruck's Dolly
Broken Black
Sire: Judon's Knight (black)
Dam: Moonstruck's Plush (castor)
DOB: August 2016

Moonstruck's Dolly is a beautiful typed doe. She has great size and bone to her. She has very nice fur and density and a pleasant pattern. Dolly is Judon, Moonstruck/Redwood bloodlines with black, blue castor and otter in her linage.
Moonstruck's Flash
Broken Castor
Sire: Moonstruck/Redwood Jayray (bkn. castor)
Dam: Moonstruck's Kendal (blue otter)
DOB: July 2017

Moonstruck's Flash is a solid brood doe. She has great size, width and fullness of loin. She has nice color and pattern to her fur and also has good texture and density of coat. Flash has Moonstruck, Redwood, Byrd's, Holtmeyer and S&K bloodlines. There is black and blue otter, opal and castor in her linage.
Moonstruck's Chyna
Sire: Moonstruck's Polar Bear
Dam: Judon's Blizzard
DOB: May 2016

Moonstruck's Chyna had excellent depth of body. She has great bone and size. Chyna has excellent density of fur. She has Holtmeyer, Judon and Luftex bloodlines with predominantly white and a bit of opal on her pedigree.
Moonstruck's Saray
Sire: Killion Glen's Makin' Mischief (Castor)
Dam: Moonstruck/Redwood's Becca (Castor)
DOB: July 2019

Moonstruck's Saray is a nicely typed doe with good rise, depth and loin. She has good bone and size. Her fur has excellent density and nice color. Saray has Holtmeyer, Killion Glen, Byrd bloodlines. She has castor, black otter and amber and chocolate in her linage.

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