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Moonstruck's Roman
Sire: Moonstruck's Rulon Too (black)
Dam: Moonstruck's Moonpie (blue)
DOB: June 2014

Moonstruck's Roman is a solidly built buck with good width of body, excellent loin and bone. He has excellent color and good texture to his coat. He has good markings and ticking but I would like it go a bit more up his sides. Roman is predominately Moonstruck bloodlines with Silver Streak and Cedar Hill in the g.grandparent generations. He has both black in blue in his linage.
Moonstruck's Excaliber
Silver Marten
Sire: Moonstruck's Thor (blue)
Dam: Moonstruck's Kelsey (black)
DOB: July 2014

Moonstruck's Excaliber has very good bone and a nice solid body type. He also has wonderful texture of fur, color and markings. Excaliber is out of black and blues.
Moonstruck's Quicksilver
Silver Marten
Sire: Silver Streak's Aaron (black)
Dam: Moonstruck's Myra (black)
DOB: July 2014

Moonstruck's Quicksilver has a nice compact body type. He is from Silver Streak & Moonstruck bloodlines with both black and blue in his linage.
Moonstruck's Saul
Sire: Moonstruck's Roman (blue)
Dam: S&K Rabbitry's Sitka (black)
DOB: April 2015

Moonstruck's Saul is a solid, nicely typed buck with excellent bone. He is a rich blue color with nice markings. Saul has a sweet disposition. He has mostly Moonstruck bloodlines with some S&K Rabbitry on the dam side. He has both black and blue on his pedigree

Jody Mitchell
Lake Cowichan, B.C. Canada

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