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In Memory Of ‘Forest’

Forest picChristmas Eve day, ‘Forest’ our farm mascot and my best buddy, a handsome Belgian Hare passed away from complications of a hernia. ‘Forest’ was born May 5, 1998. He was the only survivor of a litter of three out of Wonnenberg’s Emma and Breigayts Sahara. ‘Forest’ was a special guy from the beginning. He was very outgoing and curious with such a sweet, gentle personality. He loved to pose and was quite the show off. He loved to have his head patted and his ears gently pulled. His eyes would roll with delight at the attention. He loved people and would follow you around the yard and come when you called him.

Since Forest was such a show off he excelled on the show table. He was an exceptional example of the breed in type and confirmation. He went on to win six legs, 3 BOB’s and 3 B0S’s with one of the wins at the 75th ARBA Convention in Portland, Oregon in 1998. Forest fathered many offspring who also went on to achieving Grand Champion status. Forest was the last Belgian Hare on the farm after raising them from 1996 to 2001.

Forest has been buried, overlooking the farm. Everyone misses him dearly.

We are all happy that the ‘Ole Man’ can run like the wind again.

Jody Mitchell
Lake Cowichan, B.C. Canada

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