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Mitchell/Posey's Skittles
Broken Orange/wide-band Fawn
Sire: MW's/CF's X-Man (bkn cream)
Dam: Mitchell's Jingle (tri-colored)
DOB: April 2014

Mitchell/Posey's Skittles has good body type with great balance to body and head. She is from Velotta,Jones, and Mitchell bloodlines with cream, orange, and tri-colores in her linage.


Mitchell's Sunrise
Bkn. Black
Sire: Posey's Renegade (bkn. opal)
Dam: Mitchell's Black Dawn (black)
DOB: February 2014

I just love this little doe. Mitchell's Sunrise has amazing depth, fullness of loin and hindquarter. She has excellent rise to her shoulder and a nice compact body type. Sunrise has good texture and density of coat and a nice pattern. She does have a pleasant doe head with good ear and crown. Sunrise is from Posey, Mitchell, Velotta and Harmon bloodlines with opal, black, fawn, REW, chestnut and chinchilla in the linage.


Mitchell's Dalton
Ruby-eyed White
Sire: Mitchell's Hecter (bkn opal)
Dam: Posey's Lacey (REW)
DOB: April 2016

Mitchell's Dalton is a beautiful doe. She has excellent depth of body, rise and nice full hindquarters. Dalton has an very nice head, ear and crown. She also has very nice texture and density to her coat. She has Posey, Mitchell and Jordan bloodlines with Opal, REW, chestnut, black and chinchilla in her ancestery.


Mitchell's Special Delivery
Broken Chinchilla
Sire: Mitchell's Hero (bkn charlie chestnut)
Dam: Mitchell's Kioko (black)
DOB: April 2016

Mitchell's Special Delivery has a massive body type with excellent bone, width of body and hindquarter. She also has a head to match. Special Delivery is Mitchell, Posey, Milkhouse and Scott bloodlines with chestnut, black and blue in her ancestry


Moonstruck's Devan
Broken Chestnut
Sire: Posey's Meet Me Half Way (bkn chestnut)
Dam: Mitchell's Skye (blue)
DOB: March 2015

Mitchell's Devan is a massive doe with excellent width and fullness of hindquarter. She has a very good head, ear and crown. Devan is Posey and Mitchell bloodlines with chestnut, blue, black and silver t'd steel in the ancestry.


Mitchell's She's A Miracle
Broken (ch) Orange
Sire: Milkhouse's McQueen (bkn chestnut)
Dam: Mitchell's Katz (bkn. chestnut)
DOB: May 2015

Mitchell's She's A Miracle is another massive typed doe with excellent width and fullness of loin and hindquarter. She has a beautiful head, ear and crown. Miracle is Milkhouse, Mitchell, Posey and Velotta bloodlines with mostly chestnut in her ancestry.

Jody Mitchell
Lake Cowichan, B.C. Canada

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