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I ship to Canadian destinations only.All shipping is dependant on favorable weather conditions and on availability of flights.

General Pricing of Mini Lops if shipped / if picked up at Moonstruck Meadow, or at any local show
Show stock $75-100 + / $50-75 +
Breeding Stock $75-100 + / $50-75 +
*Tri-colored Stock $75 / $50-75 +
I sell Pet Stock to approved homes only $30-50.

General Pricing of Standard Rex & Silver Martens if shipped / if picked up at Moonstruck Meadow, or at any local show
Show stock (jr & int. only) $50.+ / $30.+
Breeding stock (jr & int. only) $50. / $30.
Breeding stock (Seniors) $60. / $40.

Why my rabbits are priced the way they are?

I maintain a high level of quality of care in my rabbit herd. I keep to a strict and regular cleaning and sanitizing schedule of the barns, cages and watering systems. All animals are on a preventative health treatment regime. Twice per year they are treated for coccidiosis, de-wormed annually and regularly health checked.  I feed high quality food and hay and feed supplements to enhance fur and flesh condition in my show and breeding stock. Shipping charges are as listed since I live in a semi – remote area, 1-4hours from the area airports. Shipping a rabbit can be a full day process. Buyers who pick-up their animals from Moonstruck Meadow will pay significantly less than animals shipped.* Tri-colored Mini Lops are priced to reflect the many years of time to develop this unique and rare color variety.

  • There is a $25. fuel surcharge on all purchases requiring transport to the Victoria airport or delivered to Victoria or north of Nanaimo, BC. This fuel surcharge is not incurred if picking up from me at an out-of-town show. 
  • We CAN NOT ship wire cages, only pet carriers or wooden crates are accepted by the airlines available to us.
  • We reserve the right to decline a sale.

General Guarantees One week period

  • All descriptions on the for sale pages are the opinion of Jody's Rabbitry. I offer no warranty as to the quality of rabbits, for opinions do differ...even among judges!
  • All descriptions are to the best of my knowledge.
  • I try to be as accurate as I can in my descriptions, and will point out the strong points and faults as I see them, at the time of the sale. I offer good photographs of all for sale animals and will provide more if need be to help you make an informed decision. If you are wondering about a certain trait of any rabbit such as crown, ear carriage, width, depth, bone, HQ etc, please be specific with your questions and I can help you with making an informed choice to suit your needs for your Rabbitry.
  • I will guarantee correct toenail and eye color on all rabbits.  I will guarantee this at the time of the sale and for one week past so you have time to check yourself. Broken toenails can come back in white or off color so there is not guarantee past this time.
  • I do not guarantee against stray white hairs on solid colored juniors. These stray white hairs do sometimes develop on solid colored rabbits as they mature.
  • I do not guarantee fertility, success on the show table, or weight on any rabbits purchased. There are too many variables that can affect these traits.
  • You have a period of one week from the time of purchase to apply for a replacement guarantee based on the above listed guarantees only.
  • I am open to questions as I realize it is difficult to purchase without hands on; to determine the quality of the rabbit, and I will do my best to answer your questions as completely and honestly as I can.
  • Cash refunds are negotiable.
  • If there are any faults not listed here and you want to know if there are any further guarantees, please ask. For Health Guarantees, please scroll further down the page.

Exclusions of the General Guarantee on the above are as follows:

  • Any replacements not requested within the one week period from purchase date.
  • Any fault not specifically listed in the guarantee. /font>
  • If the purchaser is aware of any faults at the time of the sale and has chosen to take the rabbit/s regardless, the above guarantee would then be void.
  • Guarantees on the above are for replacement only of an animal of equal value.
  • All expenses to obtain the rabbit as a replacement are the responsibility of the purchaser and are not covered in the guarantee.
  • For the replacement to take place, the forfeited rabbit must be returned to me at the purchaser's expense within the one week period or an approved period of time. I am sorry but I do not hold replacement rabbits.
  • Should there not be any replacements available then you may be put on a wait list until one becomes available. Cash refunds are negotiable.

Health Guarantees - Two week period

  • Health guarantees are for two weeks from the time the animal/s have left my residence.
  • I will replace the rabbit for equal value should it become ill or die within the 2 week period.
  • All illness must please be reported within 12 hours.
  • For the replacement to take place, the forfeited rabbit will need to be returned to me at the purchaser's expense within or shortly after the two week period. Replacements do not cover shipping or any other costs (i.e. carriers, health cert's, my travel costs etc), this will be the purchaser's responsibility.
  • Should there not be any replacements available then you may be put on a wait list until one becomes available.
  • I do not reimburse or contribute to any veterinary or necropsy bills.
  • I guarantee the rabbits to be free of malocclusion, split penis, entropin (turned in eye-lid), monorchidism (one testicle missing), and chryptorchidism (two testicles missing) due to genetic causes. If any of these conditions develop from an injury on your premises this guarantee is void.
  • With some rabbits, sometimes both bucks and does may develop hostility upon sexual maturity. I am not able to guarantee this will or will not happen. No rabbit that shows aggressive behavior is kept at Jody's Rabbitry, nor are these types of rabbits intentionally sold. I try to ensure the best possible health and temperament of all rabbits sold. I most commonly hear that my bunnies have very nice temperaments so I do hope I can continue the trend! : )
  • I always recommend spaying or neutering if you decide to keep your newly purchased rabbit as a house rabbit or pet. I will replace, free of charge, any aggressive rabbit that has been bought for a pet, if it has been spay or neutered and continues to display aggressive behavior.
  • Rabbits do not require vaccinations, not even to ship, however to ship outside of Canada they usually require a health certificate.

Exclusions from the Health Guarantee on the above are as follows:

  • Any illness or death that is not reported within the 2 week period from the time of purchase.
  • Improper diet (please note - no veggies for rabbits before 5 months of age. Please use food provided until weaned from my food to yours - rabbits)
  • Abusive or improper handling, neglect or accidental death.
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Improper or unsafe housing causing sickness or death.
  • Unsanitary living conditions.
  • Injury from other animals.
  • Death or illness due to travel stress.
  • Exposure to other sick animals during travel, shows or at your residence.
  • I encourage and require quarantine from other rabbits for a period of 8 weeks.
  • The above exclusions are at the discretion of Jody's Rabbitry. Should you disagree, a qualified veterinary check, or necropsy on deceased animals may be performed at purchaser's expense. Upon proof of this, a better informed decision can be made concerning replacement.
  • I will do my best to assist you in any way I can concerning the health and raising of your rabbits. I am open to questions and encourage correspondence should you need any help with your new rabbit for as long as you own them. I have a fair bit of knowledge concerning the health of your rabbit. During the time you own your rabbit, please call or email me if you have any health concerns before calling the vet in a non emergency situation. Often there is a simple resolve to something that could otherwise cost you many $$ at the vet office!

Thank You to Creators Critters for the use of this great Guarantee. It has been changed slightly to suit our Rabbitry needs.

Jody Mitchell
Lake Cowichan, B.C. Canada

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